5 Axis HMC

Niigata 5-Axis Trunnion Table

5 Axis Trunnion Table

Niigata's Own Design Heavy Duty 5-Axis Trunnion Table

  • Both ends are supported by High Load Type Roller BRG and Double-Lead Worm Gear system to achieve heavy duty machining capability.

Scale Feedback System as Standard

  • HN-5X series is equipped with optical scale feedback system (on X, Y, Z axes) and inductive scale feedback system (on A, B axes) as standard. This feature provides consistent long life dynamic machine accuracy.

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Accuracy Results (HN63E-5X)
Aluminum Cone One (End Milling)

  • Roundness: 0.0076mm (0.000299’’)
  • Tolerance: 0.020mm (0.000787”)
  • Material: A5052 (Aluminum)
  • Processing Dia.: Φ150 (5.91”)
  • V = 300m/min (984 SFM), F = 640mm/min (25 ipm), T = 0.1mm/min (0.004”)
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