Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

We Make Horizontal Machining Centers with a Tradition of Exceeding Expectations

Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc. produces horizontal machining centers with the speed, precision and productivity to bring about a new era of higher profits for your business. Furthermore, our legacy of groundbreaking engineering dates back to 1895. So, if you are on the fence about purchasing horizontal machining centers, consider these reasons why our machines could help you:

  • High production volumes – Because horizontal machining centers can easily do three times the work of a vertical machining center, you need less machinery.
  • Increased efficiency – Multiple operations can be done on a single setup with horizontal machining centers, meaning less work has to move around your shop.
  • Reduced labor costs – Because it only takes a few horizontal machining centers to replace several vertical machining centers, you can reduce the number of operators you need.
  • More automation – Since operators can devote less attention to horizontal machining centers, they will be able to run another cell, operate other equipment or perform inspections.

Check Out Our Equipment

Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc. makes a variety of horizontal machining centers and other products to meet your needs. Here is a listing of our machine types and product categories:

  • CNC Machining Centers
  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Milling Machines
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Heavy Duty Boxway – Models include HN50E, HN63E, HN63-Ti, HN800V, HM800V-II-Ti, HN100D-II, HN100D-II-Ti, HN130D, HN1600D
  • High Speed Linear – Models include SPN503, SPN701, SPN901, N7
  • Boxway/Linear Hybrid – Models include HN1000S, HN1250S, HN1600S
  • Multi-tasking & 5-Axis – Models include HN50E-5X, HN63E-5X, HN800V-II-FC, HN100D-II-FC, HN1600D-FC, HN800V-II-BAR, HN100D-II-BAR, HN1000S-BAR, HN1250S-BAR, HN1600S-BAR
  • Cells & Systems
  • New General Operational Panel
  • HN-FC Twin Facing Tool Head
  • Difficult-to-Cut Material

Learn More About Us

Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc. is proud of its headquarters at 1501 Landmeier Road in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Our company opened in 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Niigata Machine Techno Co., Ltd of Niigata City, Japan. Since our founding company, Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd., started our tradition of exceeding expectations more than 120 years ago, we have thrived and grown, including our expansion to American sales in 1980. As a result, we make horizontal machining centers designed to increase your quality, productivity and profit margins. Since we know you would like to learn more about our history, check out our About Us section. Also, you can like us on Facebook.

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Because we want to make it easy to reach us, we invite you to use our fast and easy online contact form to find out answers to your questions on horizontal machining centers, parts, service or anything else. Also, our dealer network includes Methods Machine Tools, Inc. for your convenience.