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Niigata Machine Tools

Niigata Machine Tools


The most suitable solution for all manufacturing.

The brand NIIGATA on a machine tools has stood for quality, reliability, and innovation for more than 100 years. Niigata Machine Techno Co., Ltd. continues the tradition as a World Leader in Horizontal Machining Centers. Eliminate risks and increase your profits! If you are looking for the top brand in machine tool manufacturers, choose NIIGATA with confidence.

Machine Tools

Machine Tools
Award Winner HN800-V

Horizontal machining center HN800-V

Hardened precision scraped V-slideway systems were incorporated to achieve superior axis straightness of motion by virtually eliminating yawing and crabbing, which produces a volumetric accuracy that out-classes our competition with a blistering speed of 50M/min or 1968 I.P.M.

Machine Tools
Award Winner 2UM

The 12th Long life Best Seller Award

In 2010, Universal Milling Machine 2UM was honored as a masterpiece that contributed to the development of machine tools industry in Japan.

NIIGATA Suggests Possible Solutions for:
  • Shift from “Skill” to “Technology” & New Machining Method
  • Unmanned system & Efficient manufacturing
  • Shortening lead time drastically & Increasing productivity

Our machining centers fully concentrated with Niigata´s technical innovation & manufacturing technology are perfect solutions for your innovation.

NIIGATA Supports it with Confidence

By introduction of the machine tools of NIIGATA, I can plan a switch to high profit

  • Improvement of the productivity is unmanned and is suggested rationalization, the energy saving
  • Cost reduction, exclusion of waste
  • Big money constitution
Technical Innovation Assistance
  • Machining for hard material and difficult-to-cut material
  • Operation time 600H/month
  • Cutting rate 70%
Manufacturing Technology Assistance
  • Machining program CAD/CAM
  • Selection of Tools and Cutting condition
  • Optimal fixture (Auto, Manual)