MD-S8000 Series

MD-S8000 Series

MD-S8000 Series Precision All Electric Injection Molding Machine


VNC Server
  • Remote access to machine screen directly from PC or tablet through VNC connection.
  • OPC-UA server is an optional device to provide Euromap 77 communications. For connection with peripheral equipment, additional program based on RS-422, RS-485 and Ethernet protocols are available as optional features

Strong Injection

NIIGATA’s standard injection unit provides superior performance for long holding pressure although LP spec is available as an option. It was engineered by Niigata’s control technology under the concept “electric injection machine should be capable enough to handle all applications that hydraulic machine can do”. Effective for thick-walled lens and gears while keeping energy consumption low.

  • Holding Time (SSt – 150t): 45 – 60 sec at 135MPa
  • Holding Time (200t- 385t): 70 sec at 135MPa (with standard screw)
  • Option: LP Spec Holding Time: 80 sec or longer

* The maximum holding time may be different during actual operation. Above is the maximum capacity of machine

Extremely Slow Injection Speed

0.01 mm/sec.
  • Precise injection speed control by 0.01 mm/sec.
  • High resolution encoder of 22 bit/rev (4194304 pis) enables extremely slow injection of 0.01 mm/sec
  • Stable low speed and repeatability are effective for thick-walled molding.

CPF Control

CPF (Constant Pressure Filling) Control
  • Injection speed decreases as filling progresses.
  • Pressure maintained when filling pressure reaches to the setting value.
Conventional Control
  • Filling speed maintained.
  • Pressure increases as filling progresses.
  • Peak pressure when filling completed.

Injection Speed Vector Control

  • Selectable deceleration method for injection speed. Accurate speed switch is possible even with high speed injection.
Conventional control (time oriented)
  • Acceleration – starts from switch position
  • Deceleration – starts from switch position
Vector Control (position oriented)
  • Acceleration – starts from switch position
  • Deceleration – completes by switch position
Reverse Seal

Screw rotation Is reversed when metering is completed. Due to resin pressure difference in front and back of the trap ting, the trap ring is moved to the the inter ring then stops the resin flow, Stable parts weight is maintained by minimizing variation of keeping seal timing.

Other Features

Low Pressure Clamp Force Holding

2-Stage clamp force setting. Switching from low to high pressure clamp force setting is effective for gas release and cycle time reduction.

Reduced Set Up Time

  • Mold Attachment: No need to enter mold height and clamp force (for molds with spring too)
  • Clamp Force ADJ: Accurate adjustment of clamp force
  • Mold Safety ADJ: Automatic detection of pressure for mold protection
  • Simult Purge: Purge during clamp force adjustment and low pressure mold protection setting
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